Iranian Super Long / Akbari Pistachio

About Akbari (Super Long) Pistachio The most favorable and commercial type of iranian pistachios harvested in Iran is Akbari pistachio, which is more elaborate than “Ahmad Aghaei pistachios“, “Round Pistachio and Jumbo... Read more »
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Iranian Jumbo / Kaleh ghochi pistachio

About Jumbo (kalle ghouchi) Pistachio One of the best iranian pistachio varieties in Iran is Kalle Ghuchi pistachio which is one of the most commercial and economical type of pistachio in Iran.... Read more »

Iranian Chopped dates fruit

chopped dates will be shipped with dry container. Packages include capacities of 250g, 500g, 5kg, 10kg. The length of time you can keep the dates in the room is about two years.!... Read more »
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Allergy to dates fruit

Allergic to Date Allergies to dates fruit in the world are considered as a type of food allergy, and some of consumers of this valuable fruit allergy to it. The site allergens... Read more »
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Iranian Zahidi (zahedi) Dates

About Zahedi Dates Zahidi dates is another Iranian dates fruit which are found in two types of dry and wet tropical regions in Iran (Fars and Kerman provinces). The shape of this... Read more »
Maryami-Piarom dates

Iranian Piarom Dates (Maryami dates)

Piarom Date is another Iranian dates fruit which is semi-dried fruit. Piarom are grown organically and there is no chemicals in the process. Due to high quality, Piarom have attracted customers satisfaction!... Read more »

Iranian Kimia Dates

Kimia Dates is one of the delicious kinds of Iranian Dates fruit. The coloring of this fruit is brown to black color. Kimia Dates moisture depends on the harvesting time and the... Read more »

Iranian Mazafati Dates

About of Mazafati (Rutab or Rotab) date what is Mazafati date? The best color of this Iranian date fruit is black. The other name of this dates is Iranian Rutab mazafati. The... Read more »