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Persian dates products

The dates palm tree grows in tropical and subtropical regions, including Iran.
In Iran, palm trees and palms were cultivated from ancient times before the Achaemenid period.
Chinese sources have referred to Iran as the date palm land called the Persian jujube. At the end of the 9th century, palm trees were exported from Iran to China and cultivated there. Spain has a long history of date cultivation among European countries.

Medjool date is the most famous export date in the world and Piarom dates is the most expensive dates and most delicious date in Iran date market. Of course, the dates Aloui, Rabbi, Dashtestan, Shahani, Mazafati and Zahedi are cheaper than other dates due to the cheaper prices in Iran.


Dates iran Properties

Dates fruit help cure problems such as swelling of the eyelids, relieving constipation, boosting body energy, hematopoiesis, strengthening sex drive and bladder excretion.


Persian dates supplier and wholesalers dates

Dates in Iran have been exporting for many decades relying on production and product packaging, along with supplying the best and most desirable dates in Iran including Kabkab dates, Piarom dates, Mazafati dates and etc. You can buy contact details of date exporting companies in the link below …

Where to buy Iranian date? We have collected the contact information for the date exporting companies. You can use this information instead of traveling to Iran and paying a high price.

List’s Iranian Dates Exporters

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Persian Dates Price

The price of dates in Iran depends on factors such as: date type, season of purchase, type of packaging, etc. Contact the exporters for product prices and how to export them.


Fresh date and Dry date

Iran produces various types of dried dates and fresh dates

Iranian Dried Date:

  • Piarom
  • Kabkab
  • Rabbi
  • Zahedi
  • Estemeran (Sayer)

Iranian Fresh Date:

  • Mazafati
  • Shahni

Shelf life:

Dried dates have less moisture and therefore stay fresh longer, while shelf life is less than 1 to 6 months.
Dried dates can stay up to 5 years if stored in the refrigerator. Therefore, dried dates are more durable than fresh dates.


Every 2 grams of dried dates contain 2 calories while every 2 grams of fresh dates contain 2 calories. So you can lose weight for fresh dates, and if you want to gain weight, you can get extra calories from dried dates.

Nutrient and Energy:

Both types of nutrients have almost the same nutrients and energy.


Dates are high in fiber and prevent constipation. Fiber levels are higher in dried dates.

Finally, among the types of dates among countries, persian dates are one of the most delicious and economical dates in the world.

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