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Allergic to Date

Allergies to dates fruit in the world are considered as a type of food allergy, and some of consumers of this valuable fruit allergy to it. The site allergens Material of date sensitivity is “Pho d 2”. Studies show that susceptible people show different allergic and digestive reactions to various protein substances in the date extract. Also, pollen dates palm is also identified as a type of respiratory allergy!

Symptoms of sensitivity and allergies to date fruit

Allergic reactions to oral dates usually include itching of the mouth and throat, itching, redness and swelling of the lips, which usually occur about 5 to 15 minutes after eating the fruit. These reactions may recur after about 15 to about an hour.

A dates fruit-sensitive person may have hives and Eczema after taking Dates.


If allergy to date fruit is proven by asthma and allergy specialist, it is advisable not to eat raw fruit or foods containing it!
sensitive person need to be careful about taking fruit juices, especially mixed fruit juices. A small amount of date extract in these juices may cause allergic reactions in the individual.
If a person is allergic to a dates variety, the likelihood of allergic reactions due to the use of other dates is very high!

Can you be allergic to dates fruit?

Diagnosing allergies to date fruit

Diagnosis of allergies and susceptibility to date fruit follows a thorough clinical examination by a physician and knowledge of the patient’s history. Typically, your doctor may recommend skin and blood tests to diagnose allergies and allergies to dates.

Prevention and treatment of allergies to date fruits

As a general rule, the most definitive way to treat allergies to food allergens, including dates, is to avoid and avoid them. Avoiding the consumption of date fruits and food products obtained from this fruit is very important for people who show severe allergic reactions to this fruit!
Regarding the control and treatment of allergic side effects caused by the consumption of dates in cases where the symptoms and side effects are not severe, the specialist will usually prescribe antihistamines (orally, eye drops or nasal sprays). But in cases where the reactions and symptoms are very severe (such as anaphylactic reactions), emergency care is needed.

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