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The annual production rate of Iranian dates fruit is 1 million tonnes, the highest consumption of dates in the month of Ramadan.
South of Kerman province with the production of 181 thousand and 800 tons of dates has the highest production in the country. After Kerman province, Sistan and Baluchestan province with the production of 178 thousand tons is the second largest producer of dates, followed by Khuzestan province with 149 thousand tons, Bushehr province with 148 thousand tons, Fars province with 138 thousand tons. Next are the country production dates.

Only 10% of Persian dates fruit are exported. About 50% of Iranian date are consumed domestically and unfortunately, 40% are lost at various stages of harvest due to traditional date palm harvest.


Statistics buying dates in the world

In the map below, the share of date importing countries is given separately. Click on the name of the country to see more accurate statistics.

Big cities producing dates in Iran


MozafatiDateKerman: Mazafati Dates





Maryami-Piarom datesHormozgan: Piarom Dates

Haji Abad




Zahedi dates-iranguidance kabkab-date-iranguidance

Bushehr: Kabkab Dates And Zahedi Dates





rabbi-dates-iranguidanceSistan and Baluchistan: Rabbi Dates






sayer-date-iranguidanceKhuzestan: Sayer (Estameran) Dates





Fars: Shahani Dates

Firouz Abad


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List Of Iranian Dates Exporters

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The date palm cultivation (Phoenix dactylifera) dates back to more than 7,000 years ago and is one of the oldest plants cultivated by humans. Dates have traditionally been used for various medical purposes, and new studies have shown that some types of this fruit, due to its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antibacterial properties, can prevent some diseases and improve some human health conditions.


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