annually one million tonnes of dates are produced in Iran, most of which is consumed domestically and about 100,000 tonnes are exported to almost 78 countries. India is the largest buyer of dates in our country.

Different types of dates are produced in Iran and Mazafati is the most export dates volume. Kerman province is the capital date of Iran and the Bam region (Ruttab Mazafti Bam), the name of the most familiar point of this province.

Variety of dates such as royal date, kabkab date, zahedi, rabbi and piarom date are also on the export list which, piarom  is considered to be the most expensive export date.

With the exception of India, countries such as Australia, Spain, Austria, Oman, Russia, Greece, Hong Kong, Germany, Malaysia, Georgia and Iraq are countries that export dates from Iran.



Mazafati dates

The largest volume of date export in Iran is related to Bam Mazaffati dates.
This fruit is mainly produced and packaged in Bam Kerman, but Kohnuj and Jiroft in Kerman Province, Saravan and Iranshahr in Sistan and Baluchestan province produce this type of dates.
Mazafati dates have higher moisture content than other dates, This depends on the harvest time between 15% and 35%.

In the Bam region, about 70000 to 80000 tonnes of mazafati dates are produced annually. Part of dates for export purposes is provided to traders and export companies.

Kabkab dates

Bushehr Province is the largest producer of Kabkab dates in Iran.
The moisture content of these export dates is about 18%, which varies with the harvest time.
Bushehr is the third date palm province producer  in the country and Dashtestan, Tangestan, Dashti and Borazjan cities are producing and exporting kebab dates.


Maryami-Piarom dates

Piarom dates

Iran’s most expensive export date is Piarom date. Piaroam (or maryami date), a product of Hormozgan Province, is Iran’s second-largest dates produce  province.
Its moisture content is 15% and is produced in Minab, Hajiabad and Rudan. Myaram can export to European countries and Canada.



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