Export Dates from Iran


Iran export dates

In the world rankings of date exports, Iranian dates fruit is the third largest export date in the world with date exports of over 400,000 tons.
According to Iran Customs statistics, the most important export dates fruit for Iran date are: Emirates / Pakistan / Russia / Turkey / India
Out of the top countries, date exports to the UAE accounted for 17% of total date exports, followed by date exports to Pakistan with 11% and date exports to Russia with 9% in third place. The biggest customers are Iran date.


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Types of Iran Date Exporters by Province:

  • Bushehr Province: Kabkab dates
  • Kerman Province: Mazafati dates
  • Hormozgan Province: Piarom dates
  • Fars Province: Zahedi dates and Kabkab dates
  • Sistan and Baluchestan Province: Rabbi dates
  • Khuzestan Province: Sayer dates (Estemeran Dates)

Of the varieties of date palm cultivated in Iran, five are the most well-known types of export date in Iran:

  • Mazafi Dates   (Rutab dates)
  • Piarom Dates  (Maryami dates)
  • Kabkab Dates (Behbahan dates)
  • Sayer Dates     (Estemeran dates)
  • Zahedi Dates  (Ghasb dates)


Dates exporting countries

Date in Iran have a high volume of agricultural exports.
Khuzestan province date are exported to Kazakhstan, UAE, South Africa, Russia, Australia, Turkey, Tajikistan, Czech Republic, Poland, Singapore, Romania and Canada. The province is ranked first in the country with 50% exports.
Hormozgan produces 50 varieties of date and is exported to Indonesia, Malaysia, UAE, Taiwan, India, European countries, Russia and Central Asia.

Iran’s largest customer of mazafati dates has been India, which alone buys over 5,000 tons of mazafati date from Iran.

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Exporting Dates from Iran to Russia and Europe

Due to the geographical location and climate of Russia, which is quite cold and usually snow-covered, it is not possible to cultivate date in Russia, so Russia imports its date. the quality of Iranian date as well as the reasonable prices of Iranian date encourage Russia to import date from Iran. One of the reasons for the large number of date being exported to Russia is the presence of 6 million Muslims in Russia and the position of date among Muslims in the holy month of Ramadan.

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