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Iran saffron export

Iran is the largest exporter of saffron in the world with a 36% share of the total saffron in the world, while Spain is the largest importer of saffron in the world with a 20% share. Saffron is one of the items that have a special place in the field of currency in Iran.
In the modern era, Spain is considered as a competitor for Iran and one of the exporters of saffron. The UAE has also become one of the exporters of saffron without cultivating saffron. Also, many countries such as Afghanistan, India, etc. are active in the field of saffron trade.

In the year 2018, 105 tons of saffron were exported saffron. Spain packs bulk Iranian saffron and sends it to the world markets with its own brand. The Republic of Azerbaijan imports its required saffron from its neighboring country of Iran and Azerbaijan produces saffron on a very small scale.

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These revenues were related to the export of saffron into and out of Iran.


Top exporters of Saffron (2018)

  1. Spain – 45% of the world exports ($54 million)
  2. Afghanistan – 17.8% ($21 million)
  3. Hong-Kong – 5.21% ($6.2 million)
  4. France – 3.97% ($4.73 million)
  5. Portugal – 3.66% ($4.35 million)
  6. Greece – 3.65% ($4.34 million)


Top importers of Saffron (2018)

  1. Hong-Kong – 33% of the world imports ($99 million)
  2. Spain – 11.9% ($35 million)
  3. United Arab Emirates – 7.16% ($21 million)
  4. India – 6.11% ($18.3 million)
  5. Saudi Arabia – 5.58% ($16.7 million)


Iran Export Saffron To:

Pakistan, Taiwan, Bahrain, Turkey, Iraq, Oman, Turkmenistan, Latvia, Austria, Jordan, Spain, Australia, Slovakia, South Africa, Afghanistan, Algeria, Germany, the UAE, the UK, the Uniteds States, Italy, Brazil, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Czech Republic, South Korea, Denmark, Japan, Singapore, Qatar, Sweden, Switzerland, Serbia, France, Finland, Philippines, Kyrgyzstan, Canada, Kuwait, Georgia, Lebanon, Poland, Madagascar, Malta, Malaysia, Hungary, Morocco, Norway, NewZealand, Vietnam, Netherlands, India, Hong Kong and Greece, etc.

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How is saffron consumed in countries of the World?

In Iran, saffron is mostly used for its color, aroma and taste and less attention is paid to the properties of saffron, but in European countries that pay more attention to the antioxidant properties of saffron and therefore the main consumption of saffron in European countries. And American in the pharmaceutical and food industry.

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