Healing properties of dates

Healing properties of dates-iranguidance

Date fruit contain vitamins (A-B1-E) and iron – potassium – calcium – phosphorus – iodine – magnesium and sulfur. Fruit is laxative, sputum, milky, repellent, liver drainage, antiparasitic, antioxidant, and memory enhancing vision.

Due to its vitamins A, B and E, the dates increase the light of the eyes and strengthen the cells, increase the nerves and the body’s general strength and help the male and female sex glands to function better. Due to its phosphorus minerals, this dried fruit has the potential to increase brain cells, as well as to form hormones and increase sexual potency.




Best Time to Eat Dates

Eating dates with milk” can have a satisfying effect on breastfeeding, slimming and sperm growth. To enhance sexual activity, it is recommended to mix dates with milk and egg yolk or mix dates with milk and cinnamon. Spend. Dates for people with congenital disorders: body weakness – poisoning – back pain – anemia – rheumatism – gout – uric acid – constipation – goiter – tuberculosis – hearing disorders – pancreatic cancer – blood and … And can have a therapeutic effect.



Date fruit has a healing effect due to its glaze and pectic substances to relieve cough, blood sores and chest discomfort. Boil 50 grams of dates in one liter of water and gradually drink a cup in the morning, noon and night. This decoction is useful for joint tenderness, low back pain.

It is useful to lighten the eyelashes, remove the itching and itching of the wounds and heal the wounds if they burn the date palm in the eyelashes.

Eating leeks and premature dates will remove hemorrhoids. Dates are required for those who are recovering. Dates can be cooked with eggs, which are called dates spices and are very useful for boosting sexual energy.

The potion made from a mixture of dates, almonds or hazelnuts is very tasty. Magnesium in date fruit is a valuable nutrient for the prostate and kidneys.

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Date Fruit Benefits

Dates have many varieties and they differ in their size, size and shape. One kilo of dates produces more than 2 calories of energy.


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