How to get visa for iran

How to get visa for iran
Every year, a large number of travelers, travel to Iran for tourism, pilgrimage, education, import from iran , treatment and surgery.
In this article, you will get acquainted with different types of Iranian visas.

Countries exempt from visas

Given the existing international rules and agreements with Iran, Azerbaijan, Bolivia, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Georgia, Armenia, Venezuela, Egypt and Malaysia, it is possible to enter these countries into Iran without a visa.


Visa types of Iran / Visa iran on arrival 2019 – 2018

Given the purpose of your trip to Iran, you must choose your visa type. Below is a list of non-immigrant visa types along with usage. If you need more information, contact the representatives of the Islamic Republic of Iran.


Tourist Visa of Iran

Travel visas or tourist visa are issued to foreign citizens who enter the iran for tourism purposes.

Entry Visa of Iran

Foreign citizens have invitations from ministries, organizations, institutions and state-owned and especially prestigious companies that are negotiating, negotiating, investing, setting up purchased devices and … going to Iran. This visa is issued to the following groups:
• Members of official, political, economic, artistic, sports teams, and international organizations
• United Nations staff and affiliated organizations
• Faculty members, academics and researchers
• Drivers carrying goods or passengers
• Known Experts and Traders
• Members of the family of foreigners living in Iran

Pilgrimage Visa of Iran

The pilgrimage visa is issued to foreign Muslims who enter the country for pilgrimage to the holy places.

Education Visa of Iran

Iran’s study visa for students or religious scholars studying in Iran.
Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant Student Status from the science ministry, education ministry, or an accredited academic institution is required!

Medical Visa of Iran

visa is issued for foreign citizens who have received admission for treatment in one of the approved treatment centers in the country. A medical visa is issued to physical illnesses. Approval letter from one of the authorized medical centers is required!

Work Visa of Iran

Visa for foreign citizens who have the intention to work in iran. Skilled workers, Specialists in the fields of medical, industrial, Engineers
Obtaining the labor certificate from a sponsor employer in Iran, approved by the labor ministry!

Transit Visa of Iran

visa is required to pass through Iran for foreigners intending to travel to third countries through Iranian territory. A passport will include drivers, tourists, businessmen, etc., and will require a visa for the destination country.

Investment Visa of Iran

Iran’s investment visa for foreign citizens who have been approved by the Organization for Investment and Economic and Technical Assistance of Iran through the use of foreign-source capital. An appropriate investment visa is for investors, investors.

Media Visa of Iran

Foreign media, including visual, audio, written, and digital media, as well as producers, producers and agents of any type of report, film, etc., who travel to the country for professional affairs, must obtain a visa. This visa is issued to reporters, suppliers, photographers and …. You must obtain a permit from the Public Diplomacy and Media Center to issue this visa.

Marital Visa of Iran

Family visas for foreign men who are married to Iranian women and children who have Iranian motherhood. To obtain a family visa from Iran, it is necessary to provide the father with the permission of the children.

Diplomatic / Service Visas of Iran

This visa is issued to the following groups:
• Temporary agents of political agents, consular offices, and international organizations in Iran
• Temporary guests, including foreign diplomats and expatriate agents
• Holders of a political passport and service in the form of a board, holding a meeting, training, implementing a cultural and educational program and …
• Holders of a political passport and service who intend to travel to Iran for tourism or pilgrimage.


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