Import Dates From Iran


Iranian Dates Import

Dates are imported from Iran at high tonnage each year.
One of the world’s largest date producers is Iran. Iran has unique date for export to different countries.


Import of Iranian Dates to India

India has been the biggest buyer of Iranian date in recent years. Statistics on the export of date from Iran to India show well the Indian people’s interest in Iranian date.
Iranian date palms have gained a good standing in the Indian market. The important characteristic of date palms is the taste, quality and size of date.
Mazafati dates (Kimia dates), Piarom date (Maryami dates) and several other date are good date in India and produced in Iran.

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importing date into the iran


Import Dates from Dubai to India

Many foreign businessmen and companies meet to buy different date as well as business meetings to export and import date to various countries in Dubai. Many buyers of Iranian date prefer to buy Iranian date in Dubai because of the specific conditions of trading with Iran.
One of the concerns of traders in the currency of the UAE or the US dollar is that the company has been able to resolve this issue and can easily trade with traders and buyers in a variety of currencies.


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Import of Mazafati Date from iran to India

Mazafat date, commonly known as kimia date in India, have the highest volume of export among Iranian date to India. Also called Mazdafi date, Mazafati  Rutab.

Mazafati is popular among consumers because of its special and delicious taste. The people of India also have a special interest in date that are produced by the city of Bam in Kerman province, and each year a high tonnage of these date is consumed by the Indian people.
It is interesting to know that in Iran too, Mazafati is considered the most popular date and has the highest consumption among Iranian people.

Mazafati dates have different ratings and this makes for several prices for these date. First class mazafati is the highest price among the mazafati  varieties and many foreign buyers are also looking to buy these first class date.

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Importing Piarom Date from Iran to India

piarom is the most expensive date exported to India every year. The Other names for piarom dates are maryami dates or chocolate date.

Piarom is cultivated in Hormozgan province. piarom dates are one of the most luxurious date in Iran and in the world.
The special features of piarom date, tasty and tonic can be mentioned

Date importers in iran…

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