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Iranian dates fruit are one of the most famous dates in the world. Iran shares about 20 percent (annual production of 1000000 metric tons from 218000 Ha) of the world dates production. and Iran is the second-largest producer dates in the world.

Chemical compounds of dates fruit: In general, dates contain 25% sucrose, 50% glucose, and albumin, pectin, and water. In addition, it contains various vitamins such as vitamins A, B, C, E and some minerals. (In different types of dates, some cases are more and some are less).

In this article, we will introduce you to different types of Persian dates Fruit in Iran…
In the Table below, you can compare the characteristics of dates…

Please note; Some other types are introduced in the article!


Types Of Iranian Dates

As shown in the photo above, there are different types of Iranian dates for export to other countries: (Fresh & Dry)


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Mazafati Dates (another name is: Kimia and Rutab)

Delicate and rich flavor. The best color of this date is black. Bam mazafati dates have an attractive appearance with a great taste and flavor appealing to the majority of mozafati “(Some countries are known as Mozafati)” dates consumers.



Maryami-Piarom dates

Piarom Dates (another name is: Maryami dates)

Piarom is one of the most tasty and delicious semi-dried dates in Iran. Piarom there is in the southern city of Iran in Hajiabad!

Maryami is considered as the most expensive dates.


Zahedi dates-iranguidance


Zahedi Dates (another name is: Zahidi dates)

Zahidi dates are found in two types of dry and wet tropical regions in Iran (Fars and Kerman provinces).

Zahedi is a dry fruit with yellow color to light brown and round in size.


Rabbi Dates

Rabbi Date is a semi-dried date fruit. the date is relative sizes, black color and soft texture. this Date is productions of Sistan and Baluchestan province.


Lulu Dates

Lulu Dates color are black-Brown. lulu Date is exported in two types of dried and semi-dried. Lulu Dates is cultivated in the south of Iran.


Sayer Dates (another name is: Stamaran date)

Sayer date is cultivated in Khuzestan province. also, The Date that is called Saamaran ,Stamara, Samberun,

This Date has yellow color but the Date fruit at ripening stage is amber-colored and reddish-brown or dark–brown.


Kabkab Dates

Kabkab Date fruit is cultivated in Kazerun and Dashtestan cities (Borazjan).

its color turns into dark brown. The date Size is about 3.5 to 4 cm.  kabkab date is very sweet. this date harvesting time is September.


Kali Dates (another name is: Kaliteh and Kaloute date)

Kaliteh dates are very similar to the Mazafati. The special features of Kali date are low moisture.




Barhi Dates (or Barhee Dates)

This date is consumed in three types: Khalal ​​(or kharak) , Rotab and Khorma, which are mostly consumed in the form of Rotab.



Khasoei Dates


Shahani Dates


and Chopped Dates Fruit

Chopped-Dates Chopped-Dates1-iranguidance

hopped dates will be shipped with dry container. Packages include capacities of 250g, 500g, 5kg, 10kg.

The length of time you can keep the dates in the room is about two years.!

Rice flour is used to prevent the dates sticking (Rice Flour %1).

chopped dates is used In cooking, industry, medicine, snacks, confectionery.


We suggest you watch the manual harvesting and packaging of dates in the video below… <3


In this article, you have seen the types of famous Iranian dates in the world … Of course, there are other types that are better known in Iran, over time, other types will be completed in the same article.

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  2. I have a question, how can I buy Persian dates for my shop? We have a chain store in the Netherlands … please tell us about Piarom and Zahidi dates

    1. We will send you general information, You can get information about Piarom and Kali dates through the following links…
      Iranian Piarom Dates (Maryami dates)
      Iranian Zahedi (zahidi) Dates

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