Dates Seed Benefits and oil seed Benefits


Many people know the dates and their properties, but few know that the seed of this delicious fruit is as useful as its own.

In order for the date seed to be consumed orally, it must be converted into powder. Powdered dates are either burnt or roasted. If you’re planning on making it home-made, pour the seed into the oven tray, light the flame above and let it cool completely.

Date seed contain compounds that are chemically composed of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, zinc, cadmium, calcium and potassium. Saturated fatty acids include stearic and palmitic acids, and unsaturated fatty acids include linoleic and oleic acids, which can inhibit the function of the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase. source

Powder these cores with strong mills (not those we usually have in our homes).

Drink Date Seed

how to eat date seeds?

To make the date palm seed drink, you must pour the date seed powder into the boiling water and allow it to simmer for ten minutes to a quarter on an indirect flame until it is brewed.

Most people think this drink tastes like coffee. Although professional coffee makers know this is not true, the similarities between the two drinks can be partially accepted.


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Dates Seed Benefits

The most important property of date seeds is to lower blood sugar. If you have diabetes, do not doubt that consuming three cups of palm kernels daily can greatly help lower your blood sugar.

Other benefits of date seeds include lowering blood fat, helping to cleanse the liver, controlling blood pressure, helping to lose weight in people who are high above the root cause of overweight, urgent help with kidney stones, reducing hair loss, strengthening nerves and Removed diarrhea noted.

Other uses of date seed therapy are to relieve tooth pain; by placing some of the date seed powder, the toothache disappears.

The consumption of date seeds is recommended for mucoid more than others.

Although this drink is safe in healthy people and is a good substitute for coffee, it is important for anyone to consult their physician before taking any medication. Please check with your physician before using dates in your diet.


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Date Seed Oil Benefits (Medicinal and therapeutic)

Date seed oil has many therapeutic and medicinal benefits:

  • Treatment of gastric ulcer.
  • People with hair loss are also advised to use date seed oil for treatment.
  • Used for detergents, especially body detergents such as soap and shampoo.
  • The date seed oil is mainly composed of fatty triglycerides, which contain about 80% saturated fat and 20% unsaturated fat.
  • Can be found date seed oil in a number of products, including margarine, vegetable oil, cream, chocolate and ice cream.
  • It is used to strengthen the hair and reduce hair loss and make the skin soft.
  • The benefits of date seed oil can also be said to soften the skin

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  1. I live in Iran and have started using dateseed powder. i5 really brought down my blood pressure. i would also like to start using dateseed oil but can’t find it in Tehran. Do you perhaps know where they sell it.

  2. Catharina, I am from & live in Iran, too. Thanks for sharing it with us. I made the powder & I am giving it to my mother who has diabetes. I hope it helps. I use it for my fatty liver, too.
    Please say how much & how you use.
    For the oil, if you find it, be careful yo buy the edible oil. Some are just for hair & massage.

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