Iranian Kimia Dates


Kimia Dates is one of the delicious kinds of Iranian Dates fruit. The coloring of this Kimia dates is brown to black color.

Kimia Dates moisture depends on the harvesting time and the place where the grows.

The Kimia Dates is grown in the south regions Iranian city of Bam.

Benefits of the Kimia dates

kimia dates fruit can help or treat some diseases including cancer, Anemia, Nervous System Health, Diarrhea and etc.

kimia dates palm

Kimia Date Palm is one of the most famous and delicious diversity of the Dates which is usually used as “Rutab”.

Palm of kimia Dates fruit is considered to be the plant species of the “Palmacea” family and the scientific name of kimia Dates Palm is “Phoenix dactylifera” just like mazafati date!

We export Kimia dates to all over the world including UAE, Iraq, India, Russia, Ukrine, Pakistan, Europe and other countries.


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