Iranian Long / Ahmad Aghaei Pistachio

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About Ahmad Aghaei (Long) Pistachio

Ahmad Aghaie’s pistachio is one of the great and delicious iranian pistachios. Ahmad Aghaei’s pistachio is smaller than the Akbari pistachio and larger than the Jumbo pistachio.
This type of pistachio is produced in Mashhad, Fars and Kerman but most of it belongs to Rafsanjan and Nogh.

It is usually used for making pistachio slices because of the length of this type of pistachio.


Ahmad Aghaei Pistachio tree Profile

It has moderate to wide growth potential. Tree height is 309 cm (medium height) and tree canopy width is 394 cm. Flowering date is 10thApril and flowering stage is 16thApril and flowering period is 13 days.


Ahmad Aghaei Pistachio fruit Profile

green skin color when ripe red fruit ripens, fresh weight of fruit with green skin is 56/89 grams. Fresh weight of non-green skin was 34.74 g, pistachio dry weight 1.22 g, green skin weight 22.22 (highest green weight among cultivars), pistachio length 20.48 mm, pistachio width 12.62 mm .

This type of pistachio is rectangular and the core is purple and the shell is light white.

ahmadAghaei Pistacho-iranguidance

Ahmad Aghaei Pistachio Price and Export

Usually at the time of sorting, this pistachios are sorted based on the percentage of smiles, the size or size of the pistachio, and the type and appearance of the pistachio. The same factors are involved in determining the initial price of Long pistachio. In addition, the type of pistachio processing and its preparation is also involved in the price of pistachio Ahmad Aghaei.
A large percentage of this type of pistachio is sold domestically and a greater percentage is sold worldwide. Many countries in the region, European and American countries, strongly demand this kind of pistachio Iran.

Spain, Italy, France, Germany and the United Kingdom, along with some other countries, are the main buyers of Iran’s Long pistachio.


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Benefits of Pistachio for Hair

Pistachio has many benefits for hair. Here are some examples for you.

  • Stimulate hair growth:
    Pistachio stimulates healthy hair growth due to the presence of fatty acids.
  • Hair Strengthening:
    Pistachio is a great treatment for strengthening and treating hair.
  • Increase hair flexibility:
    Using a pistachio hair mask can nourish and moisturize the hair. In general, it improves the texture of the hair. Also suitable for damaged and dry hair.
  • Hair loss treatment:
    Pistachio contains a lot of biotin. Daily use of these nuts can effectively reduce hair loss.



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