Iranian Pistachios – Persian Pistachio : [Types of Pistachio]


Iran, USA, Turkey, China, Syria, Greece, Italy, Afghanistan, Tunisia and Spain are the first 10 countries to produce pistachios in the world. Given that the United States has a high domestic consumption, Iran is considered the largest exporter of pistachio.

The types of pistachios under cultivation in Iran are related to the domestic species Pistacia vera. The pistachio’s trees are two bases, meaning male and female flowers are produced on different trees, and there is no male and female flowers on a tree.


Comparison of pistachio types available in Iran

Kaleh Ghochi Ahmad Aghaei Akbari Fandoqi
Shape Spherical and large Stretched and almond shaped Stretched and almond shaped Spherical and fine
The average size of each grain (Mm ²) 1.50 – 1.70 1.50 – 1.60 1.80 – 1.90 1.40
The average dry weight of each seed 1.45g 0.75g 0.66g 0.44g
The average weight of each grain 1.71 1.32 1.45g 0.97g
Number of seeds per kilogram 700-800 800-900 800-900 1000-1100


Different methods of planting Iranian pistachio seedlings:

  • Planting in the mainland
  • Planting in the treasury
  • Planting in plastic bags and …


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Types Of  Persian Pistachios:



Jumbo Pistachio (Kaleh Ghouchi or Qouchi كله قوچي)

Kalleh ghouchi (Jumbo) is one of the longest standing Iranian pistachios that has managed to have a good position in the export market, This pistachio are similar in size to Akbari.


akbari pistachio-iranguidance

Akbari Pistachio (Super Long اكبري)

Akbari brand (Super long) is well known in the world market. It is produced in many regions and is the most expensive and luxurious pistachio in Iran. This type is offered from 18 to 28 ounces in Iran and worldwide pistachio market.


ahmadAghaei Pistacho-iranguidance

Ahmad Aghaei Pistachio (Long احمدآقايي)

Ahmad Aghaei (Long) is a completely white and non-stain pistachio that has managed to capture many export markets alone, available in sizes from 20 to 30. The reasonable price and oiliness of this type are attractive to customers.


round pistachio-iranguidance

Round Pistachio (Fandoghi Or Fandoqi فندقي)

Round is known as the most favorable pistachio in Iran and is a great option for presenting in markets that need good quality product and cheap price. This type is available in sizes 24 to 34 on the market.


almond pistachio-iranguidance

Badami Pistachio (Almond بادامي)

Badami sometimes known as Ahmad Aghaei in the market and sometimes used for export, is available in sizes 26 to 34.


Pistacia vera


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