Iranian Round / Fandoqi Pistacho

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About Round (Fandoqi) Pistacho

One of the most popular and economical types of iranian pistachios in Iran is Round pistachio. This pistachio has a round appearance and is therefore known as Hazelnut (فندق-Fandoq / persain language ).
The size of this pistachio is somewhat smaller than other types of pistachios, but it is larger than hazelnut and has a very good taste.

This type of pistachio is also a family with Jumbo pistachio.

Kerman pistachio is first in quality in Iran and in the world. This feature of Kerman pistachio is mainly related to the geographical position of this province and the distance and altitude of the province which makes Kerman pistachio taste different from other pistachios and has a worldwide reputation.

The most favorable this fruit is harvested in Kerman and Rafstjan gardens, but there are also examples of pistachio tree and its gardens in Damghan and some other Iranian cities.
Pistachios have a lot of nutrients depending on the climate and the place of growth, but in general the pistachio species have similar characteristics and commonalities that may only be due to the soil in which they were planted or the type of fruit and water treatment and The air slightly differs from these nutrients.


Round Pistachio tree profile:

The average length of the tree is 3 meters and its width is about 3.8 meters. The hazelnut pistachio tree blooms in the first days of April and lasts until mid-April. The time to start the rapid growth of the fetus in this figure is 25 June and the time of fruit ripening is 12 September.

The average dry yield of 12 to 16 year old trees in Rafsanjan is 1745 grams per tree. The number of grains per ounce is 28-29 grains.


round pistachios-iranguidance


Round Pistachio fruit profile:

Dry pistachio length 18 mm, dry pistachio width 11 mm, pistachio diameter 11.6 mm

The color of the marrow is purple and the skin color of the bones is cream.

Of every 100 grams of dried pistachio, about 56-57 grams of brain is obtained. The amount of protein and fat are 3.2 and 9.5%, respectively, and are moderately high in terms of age.


Round Pistacho and Export

This pistachio has the largest volume of export and is in the first rank of export and 80% of hazelnut pistachio is exported to other countries annually and is therefore the most valuable export pistachio in the country.

Countries such as (Australia, France, Germany, etc.) are in the category of quality-oriented countries, so they choose this pistachios to import into their country. China and Vietnam are major customers of Round pistachios.


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Benefits of Pistachio for Skin

  • Natural moisturizer:
    It works as a natural moisturizer. You can replace this oil with your daily moisturizer to get a smooth skin.
  • Fight the symptoms of aging:
    Did you know that pistachios are very helpful in reducing the symptoms of aging? It also has several powerful antioxidants that help neutralize free radicals and eliminate foot and skin cracks.
  • Natural skin clarity:
    Pistachio contains essential fatty acids, which is useful for maintaining skin radiance. Green apples also play such a role.
  • Maintain skin health:
    Pistachio is a rich source of vitamin E that is an antioxidant in fat. These nuts play a key role in maintaining healthy skin. It can also protect the skin from sun damage and reduce the risk of skin cancer.



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