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About Jumbo (kalle ghouchi) Pistachio

One of the best pistachios varieties in Iran is Jumbo Pistachio which is one of the most commercial and economical type in Iran. This type is classified from large pistachio cultivars to round or hazelnut varieties. Due to the large size of this pistachio, its export is of great economic value.

The popularity of Kalleh Ghouchi Pistachio is due to its large nuts and good taste. It may be similar to Fandoghi (round) pistachio, but it is generally larger and has a heavier weight and therefore has a smaller number per kilo.


Jumbo Pistachio tree profile:

Jumbo is a low-growth tree, and its leaf area is low, making it easy to damage the pistachio fruit in the sun. It is also very difficult to prune the pistachio tree like Round pistachio.

Clusters of Jumbo are usually depending on the size of the pistachio, meaning that the larger the Kaleh quchi size, the smaller the number of pistachios per cluster. On average, 18 pistachios grow in each cluster because of the coarse-grained pie crust type.

This type has a moderate growth potential and a widespread habit of growth. the crown width is 323 cm (wide width) and the trunk diameter is 11.4 cm.

The beginning flower is 10th April. The full flowering stage is 16th April and the flowering period is 13 days, It can be harvested in mid September. And the shape of the flower bud is spherical.




Jumbo Pistachio fruit profile:

Due to early flowering, it is important to maintain the pistachio tree and its fruit, especially as the pistachio tree in general is highly susceptible to pest and the pistachio is highly susceptible to pests and easily leaves with little pest.
But the good news is that with strong winds the fruit does not fall easily to the ground and is barely attached to the tree and also grows well under adverse weather conditions.

Its shape is like hazelnut, the reddish-brown color of the red-gray, and the skin of the bony white skin with moderate darkness.

  • Dry weight 1.45 g
  • Dry length 13.20 mm
  • Dry width 12.84 mm


The reason for the popularity of Kaleh Ghouchi Pistachio

In Kerman province and in the gardens of this province, different types of pistachios are planted and found. Kole ghoochi pistachio is more popular among farmers due to its great popularity and its sale and purchase in the market, and as a result, Koleghoochi pistachio has a large area under cultivation in this province. In fact, different cultivars of pistachio have a relatively high resistance to dehydration and bad weather. Kole ghouchi pistachio is a little more delicate and sensitive than other pistachio cultivars, and if the required amount of water and nutrients does not reach it, the final product will be of poor quality and have a small kernel.


Export of Jumbo pistachio

The pistachio kernels are larger than the pistachio kernels, which is why traders from countries (Germany, Greece and the Arabs) are attracted to this product.

Germany is one of the main buyers of this type of pistachio kernel, which is often used for sale in other European markets after purchase.


Jumbo Pistachio and Export

Kalleh Ghouchi with Akbari pistachio is one of the most expensive iranian pistachios on the market. Iranian and foreign market of this type is very good and every year a lot of this pistachio is exported abroad.


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Medicinal Benefits and Nutrition of Pistachios

  • Boiled pistachio bark is useful to relieve itching of female genitalia
  • Boiled pistachio bark and leaves are useful for relieving anal pain and itching.
  • Pistachio nuts are hematopoietic due to iron, and those with anemia should eat some daily.
  • Enhances sexual power.
  • Strengthens the brain and mind.
  • Strengthens gastric.
  • Useful for relieving cough.
  • It is useful for relaxing the heart and relaxing the nerves.
  • It is recommended to open pistachio liver.
  • Cures common diarrhea and bloody diarrhea.

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  1. Hello, thanks for your good article!
    I have a question, the name of this pistachio has been written in different places in different places (kalleh ghochi / kaleh ghoochi / kaleh ghouchi / kaleh qochi / kale qouchi or kalle qoochi) and more. Which one is correct?

    1. Hello. All cases are correct, but its most common form is Kaleh Ghochi (كله قوچي). Because it looks like a ram’s head. For this reason, they have chosen its name in Persian

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