Healing properties of dates-iranguidance

Healing properties of dates

Date fruit contain vitamins (A-B1-E) and iron – potassium – calcium – phosphorus – iodine – magnesium and sulfur. Fruit is laxative, sputum, milky, repellent, liver drainage, antiparasitic, antioxidant, and memory enhancing... Read more »

Iranian Dates Fruit , Fresh & Dry dates | Types of Iranian Dates

Iranian dates fruit are one of the most famous dates in the world. Iran shares about 20 percent (annual production of 1000000 metric tons from 218000 Ha) of the world dates production.... Read more »

Iranian Mazafati Dates , Fresh Dates | Persian Rutab Mazafati

Mazafati Dates (in Persian= رطب مضافتي), also this dates is called “Bam Dates” because mostly cultivated in Bam City and its surrounding villages, Jiroft, Narmashir, Bravat (Bara). The quality of the dates... Read more »

All kings of Iran in the order of the era

Iran has a long history and persian empire. many kings ruled it in different times at iran history. the name of all the kings of Iran is in the order of the... Read more »

What is saffron? Full knowledge of saffron from production to properties and harms

To know saffron and its properties, it is good to first examine its appearance. At a glance, you can see that the red stigmas of saffron flower are among the purple petals... Read more »

What happens to your body if you eat dates every day?

Essential minerals such as calcium, iron, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, magnesium, and zinc are found in dates. Dates also contain various vitamins such as thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, folate, vitamin A. and vitamin K.... Read more »

Iranian Konj (White) Saffron

The Root of saffron or Konj saffron (another name is: ‘Cream’ or ‘Khame’ of Saffron) is the white part and the lowest part is the saffron flower. Due to the aroma of... Read more »
iranian bunch saffron

Iranian Bunch Saffron

Bunch Saffron (another name is: Dasteh Saffron)  is the most complete type and the main type of saffron. In this type, the whole saffron is dried together from the root to the... Read more »

Barhi Dates in 3Types : Kharak – Rutab and Khorma

Barhi dates are found in 3types of Khalal ​​(or kharak) , Rutab and Khorma, which are mostly consumed in the form of Rotab. Barhi dates are among the most desirable international commercial... Read more »
pushal saffron

Iranian Pushal Saffron

Pushal Saffron contains red saffron Kolalehs (red part) with a portion of cream (white part) [3 to 5 mm]. Saffron Pushal is produced at the beginning of the harvest season. Due to... Read more »

Iranian Negin Saffron

Negin saffron is all red saffron. Based on the amount of cream (white saffron) to Kolaleh (saffron red), it includes saffron, straw, head flower and jewel. Negin saffron is the best type... Read more »

Iranian Sargol Saffron | Saffron Sargol – Saffron WholeSale

Sargol saffron is actually what is in most people’s minds of iranian saffron. In this type, the cream part (root) is completely eliminated and the red Kolaleh separately form pure saffron.Other names... Read more »

Iranian Sayer (Stamaran) Dates

About Sayer (Stamaran) Dates The Stamaran Dates (another name is Sayer dates) one of the Iranian date fruit which is mainly cultivated in Khuzestan province. Its appearance is oval, its color is... Read more »

Export Saffron

Iran saffron export Iran is the largest exporter of saffron in the world with a 36% share of the total saffron in the world, while Spain is the largest importer of saffron... Read more »

Iranian Carpet | types of persian carpets | types of persian rugs

About Of Iranian Carpets (Persian Carpets and Persian Rugs) The authenticity of the Persian carpet goes back about 2500 years. Iranians were among the pioneers of the ancient carpet weaving. Tracing the... Read more »
Iranian saffron-iranguidance

Iranian Saffron | Persian Saffron + Types Of Saffron

Iran is one of the largest quality exporters of saffron in the world. Iranian Saffron is known as red gold … Ghayen, as Iran’s red gold capital, has a global brand of... Read more »

Iranian Barberry – Iranian Barberris | Types of Persian Barberry Zereshk

Barberry is a prickly shrub that is 1 to 5 meters long. Its wood is red, brown or yellow. Its leaves are oval and its fruit is oval red and sour. The... Read more »

Iranian Lulu Dates , Semi-Dry Dates | Persian Lulu Dates

About Lulu dates Lulu dates is another Iran date fruit which have a plum-like appearance, which is why they are also known as “plum dates (Aloei – آلويي)“. It is small in... Read more »
iranian rabbi dates-iranguidance

Iranian Rabbi Dates , Semi-Dry Dates | Persian Rabbi Date

About Rabbi Dates Rabbi dates are one of the most famous dates fruit in Sistan and Baluchistan province and are cultivated in several cities: Chabahar, Saravan, Iranshahr, Zabol and Khash. In terms... Read more »
almond pistachio-iranguidance

Iranian Almond / Badami Pistachio

About Badami Pistachio (Almond) The Badami pistachio has a fairly elongated appearance and resembles almond. This is the main reason why this type of pistachio is named. This type grown in Zarand... Read more »
fandoqi round pistachio-iranguidance

Iranian Round / Fandoqi Pistachio

About Fandoghi Pistachio (Round) One of the most popular and economical types of iranian pistachios in Iran is Round pistachio. This type has a round appearance and is therefore known as Hazelnut... Read more »
long pistachio-iranguidance

Iranian Long / Ahmad Aghaei Pistachio

About Ahmad Aghaei (Long) Pistachio Ahmad Aghaie is one of the great and delicious iranian pistachio.  This type of is produced in Mashhad, Fars and Kerman but most of it belongs to... Read more »
persian date-iranguidance

About Persian Dates Fruit + Types

Persian dates products The dates palm tree grows in tropical and subtropical regions, including Iran. In Iran, palm trees and palms were cultivated from ancient times before the Achaemenid period. Chinese sources... Read more »

Iranian Date Palm

Iranian (Persian) Date Palm Dates are a tropical plant with palm trees whose edible fruit has a hard core and thin skin and sweet taste. The palm height reaches 10 to 20... Read more »

Dates Seed Benefits and oil seed Benefits

Many people know the dates and their properties, but few know that the seed of this delicious fruit is as useful as its own. In order for the date seed to be... Read more »
buy-iranian date-iranguidance

Buy Iranian Date

The annual production rate of Iranian dates fruit is 1 million tonnes, the highest consumption of dates in the month of Ramadan. South of Kerman province with the production of 181 thousand... Read more »
Benefits of Iranian Date

Benefits of Iranian Date

Certainly you know, date have many benefits, this delicious fruit is very useful for men, women and children. You can see these properties of dates in the list: Facial cleanser Dates can... Read more »

Export Dates from Iran

Iran export dates In the world rankings of date exports, Iranian dates fruit is the third largest export date in the world with date exports of over 400,000 tons. According to Iran... Read more »

Import Dates From Iran

Iranian Dates Import Dates are imported from Iran at high tonnage each year. One of the world’s largest date producers is Iran. Iran has unique date for export to different countries.  ... Read more »

History and Statistics of Iranian Dates

Dates is now produced in 38 countries. The most important producers dates fruit in the world are Egypt, respectively, 130.000.000 tons, Iran, 1.000.000 tons, Saudi Arabia, 970.000 tons, UAE 755.000 tons and... Read more »
Iranian Dates Exporter Company

Dates Supplier – Iranian Dates Supplier & Exporter Company

The share of dates fruit in the world market is more than $ 1.4 billion. The largest exporting countries are Egypt and Iran. Growth in date exports has grown by more than... Read more »

Export Dates Fruit

Annually one million tonnes of dates are produced in Iran, most of which is consumed domestically and about 100,000 tonnes are exported to almost 78 countries. India is the largest buyer of... Read more »
akbari pistachio-iranguidance

Iranian Super Long / Akbari Pistachio

About Akbari (Super Long) Pistachio The most favorable and commercial type of pistachio harvested in Iran is Akbari, which is more elaborate than “Ahmad Aghaei pistachios”, “Round and Jumbo pistachio” and has... Read more »
jumbo pistacho-iranguidance

Iranian Jumbo / Kaleh ghochi pistachio

About Jumbo (kalle ghouchi) Pistachio One of the best pistachios varieties in Iran is Jumbo Pistachio which is one of the most commercial and economical type in Iran. This type is classified... Read more »

Iranian Chopped Dates Fruit

chopped dates will be shipped with dry container. Packages include capacities of 250g, 500g, 5kg, 10kg. The length of time you can keep the dates in the room is about two years.!... Read more »
allergy-DatesFruit- iranguidance

Date Allergy | Allergy to Dates Fruit (Diagnosis +Treat)

Allergic to Date Allergies to dates fruit in the world are considered as a type of food allergy, and some of consumers of this valuable fruit allergy to it. The site allergens... Read more »
Zahedi dates-iranguidance

Iranian Zahedi Dates Semi-Dry Dates | Persian Zahidi Dates

About Zahedi Dates Zahedi dates (in Persain= زاهدي) is another Irani dates which are found in two types of dry and wet tropical regions in Iran (Fars and Bushehr provinces). The shape... Read more »
Maryami-Piarom dates

Iranian Piarom Dates OR Maryami Semi-Dry Dates | Persian Maryami Dates

About Maryami Dates (Piarom Dates) Piarom Dates (another name is Maryami Dates) is another Iranian semi-dried dates fruit. Piarom are grown organically and there is no chemicals in the process. Due to... Read more »

Iranian Kimia Dates , Fresh Kimia Dates | Persian Kimia Dates

Kimia Dates is one of the delicious kinds of Iranian Dates. The coloring of this fruit is brown to black color. another name of this fruit is “Mazafati“. Kimia moisture depends on... Read more »

Iranian Pistachios – Persian Pistachio : [Types of Pistachio]

Iran, USA, Turkey, China, Syria, Greece, Italy, Afghanistan, Tunisia and Spain are the first 10 countries to produce pistachios in the world. Given that the United States has a high domestic consumption,... Read more »
How to get visa for iran

How to get visa for iran

Every year, a large number of travelers, travel to Iran for tourism, pilgrimage, education, import from iran , treatment and surgery. In this article, you will get acquainted with different types of... Read more »
masoleh-masuleh/ iran

Masuleh Gilan Iran – Masoleh : Introduction, Attractions

Masuleh is the historical and tourism village in iran. Masoleh, Māsūleh and Masouleh is a city in the “Fuman” County, Gilan Province in Iran.Historical names for the city include Māsalar and Khortāb.... Read more »
badab soort

Badab-e soort

Badab Soort or Badab-e surt (Persian: باداب سورت‎) is a unique staircase fountain in Mazandaran province from Iran , located in the village of “Orost” (Owrost), in the city of Sari. every... Read more »