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masoleh-masuleh/ iran

Masuleh is the historical and tourism village in iran. Masoleh, Māsūleh and Masouleh is a city in the “Fuman” County, Gilan Province in Iran.Historical names for the city include Māsalar and Khortāb. It village was founded in the 10th century AD. Although, the province of Gilan has a long history. Their language people is Taleshi.
Masooleh has cool summers and snowy winters.

masoleh-masuleh/ iran

Masuleh architecture is unique. The architecture of Masuleh is popularly known as “The yard of the building above is the roof of the building below”.

masoleh-masuleh/ iran

The buildings have been built into the mountain and are interconnected. courtyards and roofs both serve as pedestrian areas similar to streets. Masuleh does not allow any motor vehicles to enter.
Buildings are mostly two floor. and made of adobe, rods and bole. yellow clay coats the exterior buildings, allows for better visibility in the fog.

masoleh-masuleh/ iran

There are four main local communities at the city named:
“Kasha-sar” (means stretched on top) at the North, “Khana-var” (beside homes) at the East, “Maza-var” (beside the Mosque) at the south, and, “Assa-mahala” (Assad community) at the West. The main mosque of the city, named “Awn” (Ibn Mohammad Ibn Ali Ibn. Abi Taleb) built in 969 AD.


When is the best time to visit Masouleh Gilan?

Travel to Masouleh has its own beauties all year round. Even in winter, when the weather in this area is very cold, many tourists travel to Gilan to see the snowy Masuleh. You should also know that the weather is relatively good in summer. When traveling to Masouleh, keep in mind that this place is very crowded during the holidays.


Masoleh Tourism Areas:

In this section, we want to introduce the tourist places of Masuleh!

Market (bazaar)

The Masouleh Bazaar of Gilan is basically known as the center and heart of this region. This market has 4 separate levels and Masouleh shops are created precisely because of this market. It is a two-story market with high and low shops. In this market, various souvenirs of Gilan and Masouleh are sold. You can find a variety of handmade jewelry, decorations, snacks, pickles and even local restaurants with delicious food in this market.

masoleh-masuleh/ iran

masoleh-masuleh/ iran

Museum of Anthropology Masuleh

Established in 2002 and incorporates the history of Masuleh and its people.Museum of Anthropology Masuleh

Forest Park

Masouleh Forest Park is one of the most beautiful forest parks in northern Iran and even in the Middle East. The variety of plants in this park is very large and trees like rush, alder, hornbeam, hazelnut, as well as herbs and herbs are also seen in it.
Facilities such as altogether, restaurant and stateroom are also included for the well-being of tourists in the park. Every year, many tourists visit this beautiful park. you must, do not forget to eat ash dough 🙂 .

masoleh-masuleh / forest park

Watrefall Kooshm and larcheshme

watrefall kooshm and larcheshme

Summer Kourbar

summer kourbar/ masolehmasuleh in GOOGLE MAP


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  1. I came to this site from the Wikipedia article on Masouleh & I am very glad that I did. What a feast for my eyes these photographs are. I can see that Masouleh is a destination for any time of the year. Although, I think it probably best to leave the New Year’s summer celebration for the villagers to enjoy with each other.
    Thanks for the lovely pictures.

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