Iranian Super Long / Akbari Pistachio


Super Long-Akbari Pistachio tree profile:

This type has a moderate growth potential and a widespread habit of growth. the crown width is 380 cm (wide width) and tree height is 297 cm (average height).

The flowering date is 21th April and, end of flowering on 26th April. The flowering period is 11 days.

It can be harvested in September.

Super Long-Akbari Pistachio fruit profile:

The shape of the fruit is almond-like, skin color is dark cream. The fresh weight of the fruit with green skin is 41/48 g. Green without skin weight 29/80 g, dry pistachio 1/45 g, dry pistachio length 12,22 mm, pistachio shape is rectangular. Dry weight of the pistachio 0.75 g.


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