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Iranian Almond / Badami Pistachio

About Almond (Badami) Pistachio The Almond pistachio has a fairly elongated appearance and resembles almond. This is the main reason why this type of pistachio is named. This iranian pistachio is grown... Read more »
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Iranian Round / Fandoqi Pistacho

About Round (Fandoqi) Pistacho One of the most popular and economical types of iranian pistachios in Iran is Round pistachio. This pistachio has a round appearance and is therefore known as Hazelnut... Read more »
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Iranian Long / Ahmad Aghaei Pistachio

About Ahmad Aghaei (Long) Pistachio Ahmad Aghaie’s pistachio is one of the great and delicious iranian pistachios. Ahmad Aghaei’s pistachio is smaller than the Akbari pistachio and larger than the Jumbo pistachio.... Read more »

Iranian Super Long / Akbari Pistachio

About Akbari (Super Long) Pistachio The most favorable and commercial type of iranian pistachios harvested in Iran is Akbari pistachio, which is more elaborate than “Ahmad Aghaei pistachios“, “Round Pistachio and Jumbo... Read more »
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Iranian Jumbo / Kaleh ghochi pistachio

About Jumbo (kalle ghouchi) Pistachio One of the best iranian pistachio varieties in Iran is Kalle Ghuchi pistachio which is one of the most commercial and economical type of pistachio in Iran.... Read more »

Iranian Pistachios

Iran, USA, Turkey, China, Syria, Greece, Italy, Afghanistan, Tunisia and Spain are the first 10 countries to produce pistachios in the world. Given that the United States has a high domestic consumption,... Read more »